Science Kits improve Ghanian Student's education by giving them hands-on science experiences. 


Education in Ghana lacks hands-on learning experiencesespecially in science education. In order for Ghana to continue progressing in the technology and engineering sectors, students need to experience and develop a passion for science. 

Kpala Government classroom Science kits 5.jpg

In 2012 EPI began a relationship with Thames and Kosmos, a science kit manufacturer. EPI provides Thames and Kosmos science kits to the schools in Ghana so students will have the tools to experiment with their own hands and learn how science works. 


EPI trains the teachers on how to use the Thames and Kosmos science Kits. This makes using the science kits in the schools more sustainable and ensures that teachers will love using the science kits their lessons.

Teachers will even use the EPI merry-go-round as a science lesson


The students' education is enhanced through hands-on learning, which in turn helps foster a greater love and passion for science and engineeringa passion necessary to help Ghana advance in these sectors.  The children are Ghana's future.