We are committed to helping empower rural Ghanaian students in their educational pursuits. Although our light-generating Merry-Go-Round projects are our principal focus, we currently have three other main project initiatives that assist these students in their educational opportunities. Learn more about our Merry-Go-Rounds, Science Kits, Light-A-Village, BioFil Toilets, and Boreholes.


Without electricity, children in Ghana cannot study at home during their only time to do homework--night. This problem is solved when children play on EPI equipment which uses the children's energy to charge a battery.

Science Kits

In order for Ghana to continue progressing in the technology and engineering sectors, students need to experience and develop a passion for science.

Village Solar Project

The Village Solar Project uses solar power to provide opportunities for people living in remote villages to have electricity in their homes.

BioFil Toilets & Boreholes

BioFil toilets decompose human waste in a way that is odorless and sanitary. Boreholes are wells that provide clean water from deep within the ground.