Our Mission

Empower Playgrounds, Inc. enhances educational opportunities for children in deprived villages by providing renewable energy through electricity-generating playground equipment, smart LED lanterns, and hands-on science kits. 

We Build Merry-Go-Rounds That Generate Electricity

Since 2007, Empower Playgrounds, Inc has installed 40 merry-go-rounds at schools all over Ghana, West Africa. Our merry-go-rounds generate renewable energy that charges lanterns which children can use in their classrooms and homes to study at night. 

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What We've Achieved

  • 51 Merry-Go-Rounds (MGR) that Generate electricity at 50 schools in Ghana and 1 in Mali
  • EPI MGRs serve 15,000 children
  • 3.5 million hours of light generated and used from the MGR
  • 1 Light-A-Village pilot project serving a community of 2,000
  • We have delivered 900 Science Kits to 50 schools since 2008
  • 2 Boreholes serving 2 communities with a total of 2000 people
  • 2 BioFil units serving 2 communities with a total of 1,300 people
  • 1 School Building Construction project in Bahankra to support the increased enrollment from the merry-go-round

When children play on playgrounds, they are already illuminating the world around them. What is important about Empower Playgrounds’ equipment is that it helps make that light literal.
— Fast Company Magazine