Empower Playgrounds, Inc. enhances educational opportunities for children in deprived villages in Ghana, West Africa through providing light and learning in innovative ways.

Children in rural Ghana support their families by working on farms or chores after school until the sun goes down. Most of these children do not have access to electricity at home or in their villages. Ghana has a rigorous high school entrance exam with only 50% of applicants being accepted. Without light to study in the evenings, less than 10% of children in rural Ghana will enter high school. Empower Playgrounds helps level the playing field for these children through sustainable innovation. 

Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of work.

We turn children's play into renewable electricity that charges lanterns used to study at night. 

Join us for our Annual Event: Play for Light 2019

See our progress in empower the children in Ghana, see the merry-go-round in person, taste a traditional Ghanaian breakfast food, and experience our lanterns and other projects.