Mpaem JHS Wins AU Day Competition

Merry-go-round at Mpaem D/A Basic School

Merry-go-round at Mpaem D/A Basic School

The article above from a local news outlet in Ghana highlights one of our partner schools, Mpaem Junior High School (JHS). Mpaem is a school that has consistently utilized the all of EPI projects. The results of a recent competition indicate that our project is helping to make an impact at this rural school.

“The Mpaem JHS was perceived as the underdog, beat the other well-endowed schools to win the quiz [portion of the competition] with 18 points.”

“He commended the MPAEM JHS for winning despite the typical rural setting of the school.”

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In the article they highlight that Mpaem’s win is extraordinary because they are a rural school. Here is a graphic that will help explain some of the differences between education in the rural and urban areas of Ghana.

The results from the competition clearly show that there is not a difference in ability between rural and urban students, simply a difference in resources. Empower Playground’s mission is about providing the needed resources to empower rural students to succeed. With the resources EPI provides combined with the already dedicated and hard working teachers makes for a recipe of success at rural schools like Mpaem.

We are so proud of Mpaem Junior High School!

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