Girls' Scholarships


Our girls' scholarship program is one we are so excited about, we can hardly contain it! The idea of this program is to give girls the opportunity to receive a high school education when they otherwise wouldn't have the ability to.  We have awarded 3 girls this scholarship that will cover 3 years of school fees. It will cover room & board, school uniforms, books and travel to and from home.


The entire reason we decided to invest in a girls scholarship program is simple. Students desire to attend high school, but the financial burden it brings causes them to lose hope and stop attending school prematurely.  This is a problem across the board, but it is even worse for girls. Most families in Ghana don't have the finances to have their children attend high school, and if they do it doesn't usually go to girls. For the educational benefit and need to see equal amounts of each gender in high schools, we decided to develop this program.


We have a great partnership with one of the most amazing foundations that will be supporting the initial steps of this program.  They are donating the funds for the 3 girls to be awarded scholarships. On top of the donations they have so generously given, we have implemented ways to continue to build a great quality of life for these girls on top of education.  One way is Josephine (see below). 


We just selected the 3 girls to enter into this program.  The parents of these students have been very supportive of their daughters education by regularly attending PTA meetings, helping them complete homework and study in the evening with the EPI lanterns.  These girls also had the highest BECE scores (required testing for enrollment to high school) on their island. Each one of them works hard in class and had high recommendations from teachers as well as a great need for financial assistance, making them some of the most deserving.  

Meet the Girls

Adu Gladys Dede

"Getting a high school education means preparing one's future so that one can take good care of his or her community and be a better person."

 Her desire to better the community around her is astounding. We are so excited to see what the future holds for her! (Picture below)

Adzigodi Jennifer Sinerkie

"I am much inspired to learn and perform well in school because when I looked at the background of my family and the society in which I come from makes me sad.  So this do motivate me to put my best to learn hard for me to become somebody who will help my family and community." 

She is a great example of someone wanting to work hard to make the lives of people around her better. (Picture below)

Martha Ohui Siameh

            Martha Ohui Siameh

            Martha Ohui Siameh

"I want to be a Nurse because I have developed the interest in learning of science with the science kits provided by Empower Playgrounds.  After receiving high school education I will come back to the community for others to benefit."

We love seeing Martha have a desire to learn because of exposure to our science kits! The future looks bright for her, and we couldn't be more pleased. (Picture above)

                    Jennifer                                            Josephine                                  Gladys

                   Jennifer                                            Josephine                                  Gladys

                Jennifer                                             Martha                                Gladys


This is Josephine, she is the local working on the ground in Ghana to help facilitate interviews, organize exam scores and comprise information based on the guidelines we have set for these scholarships. She is currently a university student and the most excellent choice for helping us navigate this program. Her role with us at EPI is necessary for propelling these girls into the future. Josephine will be a bridge between the students and their education, making her a valuable person in helping these girls succeed in their education. She will be both a personal and educational resource for these girls because of her background of coming from a rural village in Ghana. We couldn't have found a better person to embrace these girls and mentor them into a future of better education and a better life!

Josephine enjoying time with students at our schools! She is incredible to willingly mentor the girls, and makes this process so much better.

Josephine enjoying time with students at our schools! She is incredible to willingly mentor the girls, and makes this process so much better.