EPI Library Project

Empower Playgrounds First Library

This summer we installed a pilot library at the school Bahankra. They were thrilled to provide their students with access to fun children's books as well as reference materials.  

The picture below is of the librarian who had never held a dictionary before. She is very excited to teach children who do not have access to internet, how to look up words. 

After returning for a visit this summer we were able to look over the library lending log to see that children are checking out the books and using the library well with their lanterns. We are excited to begin extending this project to 5 more libraries next next year in partnership with the African Library Project

We hope to have libraries at all of our schools, but will be rolling this project out slowly over the next few years. We will be collecting book donations until March 2017 for the libraries that will be installed in 2017. The schools where we will install libraries are: 

  1. Obane Primary School

  2. Pediatorkope Primary and Junior High School

  3. Attabui Primary and Junior High School

  4. Mpaem Primary School

  5. Aketamantag Primary and Junior High School

How can you get involved?!

Volunteer to head a book drive: 

Sign up through the African Library Project and request to be matched to one of the schools (listed above). Get your school or club or family together to collect 1000 books and raise $500 to help with shipping costs! The African Library Project has extremely helpful information on how to get started and make a successful book drive. 

  1. Book Drive Guidelines

  2. Planning Your Book Drive

  3. Raising Funds

  4. Book Drive Resources

Donate Books

Donate your lightly used books or buy & donate your favorite book or book series. We also have this list of suggested books including books that will be particularly relevant to children living in rural Ghana. Click here to to access the suggested books on Amazon.

Ship books to:

Empower Playgrounds, Inc.                                                                                                 3214 N University Ave. #501                                                                                               Provo, UT 84604