Testing New Lanterns

Our original lantern was created in partnership with Energizer and has been working very successfully for the last several years. Unfortunately, Energizer made the difficult decision to discontinue manufacturing their appliances, instead focusing on their battery production. 

We purchased enough lanterns to supply the schools we currently have. However, we know that soon lanterns that have been in the field for the past 6 years will begin to fail. We planned ahead and have set aside money in our budget to begin replacing those lanterns. 

In partnership with the technology company nCAP and the Field Innovation Team, Empower Playgrounds has been testing new lantern possibilities. We have finally landed on a lantern that comes close to our desired specifications. The specifications are right, but wanted to see how it handles in the hands of the children in Ghana.

This is the lantern currently being tested at Fatwa Kosie.

This is the lantern currently being tested at Fatwa Kosie.

Our primary concerns are for the durability and charging time of the lantern. We need the lanterns to be able to go from empty to a full charge during the regular school hours. This way students can plug their lantern in, in the morning and bring it home after school. 

Merry-go-round at Fatwa Kosie

We selected the pilot school, Fatwa Kosie, and have placed them there to be tested over the next few months. So far the lanterns are working well.  

The lantern in use at Fatwa Kosie.