Empower Playgrounds in Mali

We are excited to announce that in collaboration with Empower Mali, Empower Playgrounds has installed a new merry-go-round in Ferekoroba Primary School in Mali, West Africa. This is the first ever merry-go-round placed at a school outside of Ghana! The merry-go-round was installed September 1 -4 by EPI employee's George and Isaac with the help and support from the community and school in Ferekoroba. 



The School

Ferekoroba Primary School has 215 students and 7 dedicated teachers.  The Ferekoroba community does not have access to electricity. So having access to the lanterns powered by the merry-go-round will bring play and light to these children and their homes. Our lanterns are used by groups of 4-5 students organized according to geographical location within the village. The groups have 1 student selected as a lantern leader who is responsible for making sure the lantern is charged every few weeks and responsible for holding the study groups each night. 

Empower Mali sponsored the cost of the merry-go-round and EPI covered the cost of installation, travel and delivery. We are pleased to have completed this successful partnership. Learn more about Empower Mali's work at Ferekoroba here


Science Kits

George and Isaac trained the teachers on the science kits we purchase from Thames and Kosmos to give to schools. The teachers are excited to now provide hands on learning experiences in science to their students. 

The Installation

The community of Ferekoroba and the teachers arrived to help install the playground equipment even though they were on school break. George and Isaac stayed in Mali for 4 days training the teachers, headmasters, and community members on how to care for the merry-go-round and how set up the lantern groups.  

EPI Employees George and Isaac with Empower Mali and community members and teachers from Ferekoroba

We welcome the Ferekoroba Primary School to the EPI family and look forward to further partnership with Empower Mali. 


Thank you everyone for your continued support of Empower Playgrounds!