Lighting the Night: Mirabell's Story


This is Mirabell


Mirabell lives in a small village community named Bahankra, located in the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa. 

When we first met Mirabell, she was extremely quiet. She would barely look us in the eye and we kept wondering, "why did the teachers all recommend we talk to her?" 

But soon we learned about Mirabell's amazing story and the more time we spent with her, the more we could see that she was the perfect, beautiful, example of how a child's life can be changed by something as simple as light. 

Because Mirabell is 13 and only in 3rd grade, she works extra hard to catch up in school. Her teacher told us proudly of how Mirabell is usually first to raise her hand in class--especially to solve math problems.

Mirabell loves singing and dancing with her friends

She also likes to play soccer (football) and volleyball with her friends.

In the film, Mirabell talks about how she had to fight with her parents to let her go to school. Mirabell's parents love her, but when you are struggling to survive it is hard to see the value in education. Now her parents are completely supportive of Mirabell's education. They even send Mirabell's younger brother and sister as well. Because of Mirabell's example, her parents realize the value of supporting their daughter's education. They see that she is learning and growing and they hope she will someday be able to earn money as a teacher to support her family.

Mirabell's mother helping her get ready for school. 

Mirabell is an inspiration. Her strength is an example to her family and to her classmates. She is a leader, with or without a lantern. But with a lantern she has the light she needs to help her study at night. She has the tools she needs to can catch-up in school and achieve her dream of one day becoming a teacher. 


We are currently working to raise funds to update Mirabell's classroom (see above) from dirt floors to cement and walls with plaster as well as update the classroom desks. If you want to support Mirabell's classroom update, simply dedicate your donation to "Mirabell". We will keep you updated on the progress. You can donate by clicking here. 

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